Improve Your Physical Well-Being

Improve Your Physical Well-Being

Get dependable care in Lafayette, LA

Are you struggling with intense muscle or joint pain? We can help. Turn to Dr. Kevin's Wellness Clinic for structural health services, including chiropractic care, in the Lafayette, LA area.

The first pillar of human health is structural health. You can have perfect organs and a healthy inside but if you lose your ability to get around and perform your daily activities from a structural problem, you cannot be healthy. When you come by for your initial appointment, we'll focus on finding the underlying cause of your pain using state-of-the-art technology. Whether you're suffering from intense foot aches or relentless back pain, Dr. Kevin will personally develop a plan of action to help address the root cause.

Learn More About Our Structural Program

  • We offer a very unique method of Chiropractic care that requires no twisting, turning, or popping if requested, instead we have one of the most state-of-the-art structural technologies called the "ProAdjuster 360".
  • We also offer the amazing benefits of decompression. Decompression was looked at by the world's leading researchers and found when applied correctly, it was over 90% effective at solving disc and complex spinal problems. The key word here is when applied correctly. I am nationally licensed in disc decompression; although many places are doing it, they are not properly trained in the application.
  • Cold Red Laser Therapy- this is one of the breakthroughs in natural healthcare. They have found that cold laser therapy aids in solving many aspects of structural problems such as reducing swelling, decreasing pain, promoting tissue healing, scar tissue reduction, etc. Dr. Kevin utilizes an even newer technology having both red AND violet laser technology in one unit. Dr. Kevin has one of the only violet lasers in the Acadiana area and it shows even greater promise for those difficult to solve structural problems.
  • Rapid Release Therapy: this therapy is specifically designed to reduce scar tissue, which is a great source of pain. It is a targeted rehab that specifically balances the structure to ensure that these corrections stay long term.

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Proadjuster 360

This no force computerized Proadjuster adjusts the spine without any twisting, turning, or popping. To learn more on this technology, call Dr. Kevin's Wellness Clinic.

Start living an active, healthy lifestyle again

Dr. Kevin's Wellness Clinic provides muscle and joint pain treatment services in Lafayette, LA. We can use functional medicine to locate the source of your pain and develop a targeted treatment plan. This aspect of Dr Kevin's program addresses joints, bones, discs, knees, backs, feet, shoulders, wrists, arthritis, etc..
He addresses these problems in a unique way, using the latest advancements available anywhere in South Louisiana.