Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

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The third pillar of health is weight management and nutrition. If you are too heavy, you will eventually develop a structural problem, organ problem, or worse, both. Our unique way of addressing weight loss is unlike anything else out there. Between unhealthy crash diets and unrealistic workout plans, losing weight can feel like an uphill battle.
Here's the truth, your body has real reasons it is signaling weight storage. It is very difficult to lose weight against the constant signaling to gain weight that most Americans have going on inside their body. IF WE CAN STOP THESE SIGNALS FIRST, then weight loss doesn't have to be this hard.
Stop the hopeless weight loss cycle and get professional nutrition services from Dr. Kevin's Wellness Clinic in Lafayette, LA. We create personalized weight loss programs and provide expert nutritional advice to help clients reach their weight goals.

Call 337-983-CARE (337-983-2273) right away to schedule nutrition services and get started on a weight loss program. Our wellness clinic does not prescribe drugs to treat weight issues.

Ready to start feeling better?

Ready to start feeling better?

Dr. Kevin's Wellness Clinic offers nutrition and weight loss services in Lafayette, LA. We can identify the underlying reason that your body triggers fat storage and develop a custom weight loss program to help you shed excess weight. Our wellness clinic:

  • Never prescribes drugs
  • Offers expert nutritional advice
  • Develops and supervises weight loss programs

Contact us today to get started on a scientific weight loss program. We'll be by your side every step of the way.