Transforming Healthcare.

How & why Dr. Kevin’s Wellness Clinic is focused on transforming healthcare by solving the most complex health challenges.

Problem We Solve.

Traditional medicine is not designed to find and heal the root cause of complex health challenges.

Our Mission

To revolutionize health care by challenging the status quo of today's antiqued "sickcare" system.


Our Principles

We Are Results Oriented In All Ways.

We are not strictly married to any one discipline here. If there is something that will get you closer to your goal, we are all for it. We feel that there is a lot to learn from many disciplines, including German biological medicine (the Germans are lightyears ahead of Americans on natural, physics-based health systems), the Oriental and Eastern medicines, biological sciences, Western medical literature, and research. It is an effective blend of sciences to get sick people well.

Dr. Robert DeMartino is the individual who created our unique blend of therapies, and his methods are now used all over the United States with amazing results. We feel like this unique combination of treatments is the best in the world, and as new technologies and data come out, we will always upgrade and update our procedures. Most clinics get “stuck in the rut” of doing the same thing and never evolving. New technologies develop so quickly in today’s world.

Smart clinics must keep upgrading their methods. According to their own AMA data, most
medical clinics are 20 years behind the current research.

Twenty years ago, cell phones weren’t even flip phones yet, and the internet was still a dial up connection. Honestly, I feel as though their statement of being 20 years behind is generous. The way that they treat thyroid dysfunction hasn’t changed significantly since 1962. Diabetes treatment hasn’t changed significantly since they discovered insulin in the 1920’s.

I am proud of the fact that our treatment methods are vastly ahead of the same old traditional methods of covering up symptoms with stronger and stronger medications. Our goal is a well and healthy patient, whatever that takes and whomever it’s from. We take a hard look at all of the available treatment methods and at the statistical results data to see what is truly effective to help you.

We Are Science-Based.

There is so much out there that is sold as the latest fad or fashionable therapy to help health issues in the wellness arena. Most of those “fads” do not have the research to back them up.

I prefer to use hard data and empirical evidence-based decision making when it comes to your health. Most of our new patients are surprised at how much we are involved in research from the best research institutions in the world. We base our therapeutic technologies on that research.

I really admire the traditional American medical system for the testing that they have available. We utilize blood testing, urinalysis, live blood testing, stress testing, and many other current medical testing methods. The science of diagnostic testing is really good in the American medical system, and we employ the very best testing available. If I cannot explain the science that supports a testing process, I don’t put a lot of stakes in it.

I don’t believe healthcare treatment methods should be based on some “hokey” test methods that no one can accurately explain. We use the latest and best medical testing in the world. It’s the American medical treatment methods that I don’t always align with.

American medicine will do tens of thousands of dollars in testing to find a problem, and then cover it up with more medicine. In my opinion, that’s not very effective. We must discover the true problems you are dealing with and use natural methods to change the way your body functions.

It really is that simple. We ask this question: why is the body doing this, why have the cells stopped working correctly, and how can we make them begin to work better and more correctly? Your thyroid doesn’t just stop working, your blood glucose doesn’t just mistakenly go haywire, your immune system doesn’t just attack your own body and develop an autoimmune disease for no reason.

Our belief is to utilize modern, medical testing to figure out why you are experiencing symptoms and then employ natural solutions to improve how your body functions.

It's More Than Diet & Supplementation.

Most patients think that they will come here and get diet advice and a bag full of supplements. Our care is not that! In fact, the wellness facilities that just give dietary advice and supplements are not very successful at truly solving health problems if you take an honest look at the data.

Diet and supplements are important, but not as important as people think. Have you ever met anyone that said, “I started taking that vitamin, and it solved my health problem completely?” It is very rare that that happens because most health problems are more complex than simply being a vitamin deficiency.

Most health problems today have layers of issues and systems of the body that have failed. Most serious, chronic disease is actually an accumulation of systems of the body that need to be repaired for true wellness to occur. Supplements are surprisingly only about 20% of that game.

You may feel a little better, but solving problems by taking another vitamin is rare. If that solved the problem, you could stop taking the supplement, and the body would stay well. That doesn’t happen except in extremely rare cases. Now, don’t get me wrong, we do use a few supplements, and the ones we use are the most effective ones on the market, but that is 20% of the game, not 100%.

I will use that 20% towards the overall goal of getting you better, but if you don’t do things that truly repair the body, then you will not achieve wellness. We use a very specific blend of technology like oxygen concentration therapy, ionic detox machines, infrared light treatments, and medical frequencies to achieve the other 80% towards healing and wellness.

If all you do is take another vitamin, you are still only playing 20% of the game. We play 100% of the game of cellular repair all at the same time as part of a comprehensive treatment system. You can expect more than advice and a bag of supplements. We have got to begin the difficult work of getting your cells to do what they were born to do.

Your cells are designed to perform an exact function; a skin cell protects, a thyroid cell makes thyroid hormone, a stomach cell makes acid, a nerve cell transmits. If that is not happening, we need to dig deep and find out why to begin to repair that process.

It’s complicated work, but if you truly desire wellness, that is what it takes.

Meet Dr. Kevin

Founder's Word

Here is my story.

I am actually a high school dropout!
Yep, that’s right.

I dropped out of high school and started painting houses at 16 years old.

My father and all of my uncles are house painters, and I had been doing that on summers since I was 13 years old.

I could paint!
I was failing high school anyway, and I figured I might as well follow my “destiny” to be a painter like my family members.
But my mother had a different idea.

She begged me for months to get my GED.

So, I went for it and did quite well. I thought, “Wow, that was easy considering I was failing high school.”
My mom then talked me into taking a few night courses in college. I made all A’s.

Then, I took a full course load, and I made all A’s again.

Next, I took some pre-med courses, all A’s AGAIN.

I was acing every college course I took. “How is this possible?”

I thought; I had made F’s in high school…
It turns out that I have an IQ of 137.

I could have been in gifted classes in high school, instead of skipping class and getting into trouble.
My mom knew that I was destined to be more than a house painter like my dad.
At about that same time, she was in a severe car accident and was injured badly.

The medical doctors couldn’t help her, and she was barely walking.

I happened to go to an appointment with her to see her chiropractor and everyone at the office was smiling and happy.

The patients were hugging him, and everyone was bragging about how good they felt.

It was in stark contrast with the previous visits to her medical doctors where everyone was miserable and seemingly did not want to be there, even the doctor.
My mother got amazing results, and then I was hooked on natural-based healthcare.
I received my Doctorate degree in 1997.

So yeah, Mom was proud to say the least.
I have spent the last 25 years studying with some of the best, world-renowned doctors in the field of natural medicine and functional wellness.

I had the fastest growing practice ever in the state of Louisiana, and now, I have developed the most successful functional wellness practice in the South.